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Post by ksl » Thu, 14 Dec 2006 4:12 am

muscularman wrote:
ksl wrote:
anti_spy999 wrote:
I think its a sad old affair, that Sim Lim prey on the tourist, and local, I have had a few discussions down there and still how ever much the guy gave me in accessories, especially for the Sanyo Xacti, which i was enquiring about, I wouldn't take the offer, he showed me first the RRP on the brouchure at 1999$ he showed me, many receipts of sales over 1000$ some 1,400 for and he finally went to 900$ and I still said no.

I checked the price on Sanyo's website, the same camera was 599$ US, so he wasn't giving much away, what he was doing, was his sales technique of making one believe he is giving you value for money, and justifying his high price, by throwing in accessories. You can get a good deal, if you do your research, and don't give in to the verbal crap, close your ears!

This same camera without memory is around 500$ here in Sing, and thats on Orchard Rd Computer no different, you need to know what you are doing.

Too many tricks up in their sleeves, i don't trust these crooks. To shop & check the latest products & prices, YES but to make any purchase from them definitely a NO NO NO !!!

Too many complaints lodged with CASE, just too many.

A leopard will never change its spot :D
Oh just like my old mum used to say :D :D :D :cool: and quite true, the shops close down, but the people remain the same, under a different shop name, it goes on all the time!

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