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Post by jazlynn » Mon, 16 Oct 2006 12:15 pm

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone have try the facials at Vodaskin. The price range are quite acceptable, however, would like to know if it is good?

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Post by Cong » Fri, 20 Oct 2006 4:33 pm

Today i just went haha, just came back from Vodaskin! (I live quite far, around 1 hr trip to Vodaskin but worth it!!)

My experience:
Then you know, The first time i went in there is a girl standing att he counter there, very beautiful, but i didnt ask the name. Then she asked me to write abt my particular on the paper provided and u do the q&a about your skin, like u got c doctor for treatment and etc.

After that, i went for a "Fruit Flava" gentle face peel. She first washed my face. Then apply dunno what ting. Then she told me she is applying acid, may have the sting feeling, and tell me how i rate the acid she applied with 1 being most comfortable. I told her 2-3 cos very very little bit of sting feeling ha ha. After a short while, she washed the acid away with water, then tell me if any part of my face feel the sting. Then she wash again. Then she use a cold tower and cover my face for a few second for 2 times.
Like this $15 (student promotion, but i heard from her this month the promotion will end, usual price is $25, hence worth)

Then i do facial treatment haha, also $15 for the promotion. She apply dunno what mask say will absorb the fats from the face Lol. It last for 20min. (as mentioned in the website)

At first i intend to do the blue light treatment, but i heard she said the machine is under maintenance, will be available in 2-3 weeks time. And she also said, The blue light treatment will have a much better effect on my acne, and the gentle peel treatment will remove the dead skin and rejuvenate my skin. haha.

Ok, after the treatment, she apply sunscreen for me, say need to use it daily to prevent the uv ray from sunlight and so on. Hence i bought it, $18.50 only! heh heh.

In all i paid a total of $48.50 ($15 gentle peel that fruity Flava, $15 for the facial therapy and $18.50 for the sunscreen) And 1 more thing worth to say, WOW!!! They not hardsell!! They don't force you to buy products! The sunscreen is she recommend me de la haha, cos i will surely expose to sunlight de ma when go out haha, but she didnt go on to promote other products and want me to buy!! Good hor? ha ha.

Therefore i will say the service and result is extremely good and satisfactory!! You know, when i reached home, i look at the mirror, a large patch of acne of a side of my face gone, the other side a bit also gone haha. hence i was kinda shock Lol. I will definitely go for the treatment again next week. :)

In the first place, i heard about Vodaskin from U weekly, then i search over the web to c if anything negative about Vodaskin (like damage skin, pushy etc), but don't seems to find one (many good comments haha), then i go and try it de ha ha.

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