Setting Up A DVD Player/Recorder

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Setting Up A DVD Player/Recorder

Post by Luvs2BSpoild » Mon, 09 Oct 2006 9:56 am

Ok, my apologies for my ignorance from the get go, however, yesterday I purchased a new DVD Player/Recorder. Previously, I only had a DVD Player. Would anyone out there know since it is a recorder, must I run any connection cables through my Starhub cable box??? I have the Player/Recorder hooked up directly to the TV at the moment, and I can play DVD's, however, I cannot seem to program in the channels so that I may record. Any suggestions, please???

Is this something Starhub could help me with???

Thanks so much! :???:

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Post by Jedi » Mon, 09 Oct 2006 11:10 am

You need to run the Yellow (video), Red & White (audio) cables from the back of your cable box to the inputs on your DVD recorder. The cable box has 2 sets of outputs, so suggest you keep one to your TV and have a second set to your DVD Recorder. This way you will be able to watch cable tv without switching on your DVD Recorder.

On your DVD Recorder you will need to select the correct input to view cable TV. You won't need to program in any channels into your recorder.

Unless you bought the starhub DVD recorder, i very much doubt they would help you out.

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Post by bigfilsing » Fri, 13 Oct 2006 5:04 pm

What you also must understand is that you can only record the channel currently selected on the SCV box.
You can;t watch 1 channel and record the other. Unfortunate but true.

What you can do is program the scv box to change channel at certain times automatically . ie you could record AXN from 9pm to 10 pm then Star Sports from 10 pm to 11pm for example whn you are not at home.

The digital SCV boxes has 2 outputs (of the same signal) yellow for vid, red and white for sound.
Connect one to your TV for normal viewing. And the other to your DVD input with the DVD output to your TV.

Most DVD recorders i have seen have multiple inputs so you have to make sure the correct input is active ( selected) in order to record or watch TV via the DVD player recorder.

Post back if you get stuck

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