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Ways to become a millionaire in a week????

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Ways to become a millionaire in a week????

Postby Bubbles » Sun, 15 Aug 2004 12:46 pm

Right I am in Bahrain....and it's damned hot. In fact, it's 7.37am and the temperature outside is now 35 and rising. By ten this morning it will be 45. I don't have a car here....and the fact I'm very fair haired and skinned....(yes freckles are cute, but only if you're nine years old).....I am STUCK IN THE HOUSE. So I thought.....

Let's have some fun. Pretend my life depended on it and in the next week I'm stuck indoors (The UK beckons on the 22nd yippee)....What mad schemes could I cook up to become super, super rich by then?

No, not the obvious.....too scary and I'm fussy so that'd be that avenue out (coz I do believe you can't pick and choose in that line of work)

I could set up a crazy website.....hmm....but what? Too crazy and ad folk wouldn't touch it, too naughty and you either get zapped off or become one of the world's rich....(!!!!....again, too much trouble).....

I could become a world famous artist, painting sand pictures and using date palm oil as adhesive......Yes, I am going bonkers......

I could invent a new cocktail the world would fall in love with....I've got vodka, bacardi, red wine, orange juice and strawberry milkshake here.....oh, and cough medicine....what'd you think?

Or perhaps invent a new system of exercise based loosley on pilates, yoga and laziness......and write a book about it called 'The Extremely Lazy Females Way to get Beautiful in a week' (Guaranteed no effort or brain needed)

How about some mad comments and crazy plots to make all of us on this forum super rich? Think of the parties we could have?

So, can you tell how bored, bored, BORED I am? Humour me guys, send some madness to the desert......little blonde woman who knows where the drinks are needs your help.......aaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh.........

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Postby krewkid » Tue, 17 Aug 2004 3:35 pm

bzzzzzt .... require imagination ...... bzzzzzt ........ do not compute ...... bzzzzzzzzzzzzt ..... need to return to assembly line ....... bzzzzzzzzzzt

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