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Jean Yip Skin Care Products - ClinicA & Ampoules

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Jean Yip Skin Care Products - ClinicA & Ampoules

Postby carolyps » Thu, 21 Sep 2006 7:04 am

Did anyone try using Jean Yip skin care products? I went for a $100+ facial treatment session at Pasir Ris White Sand as a walk-in customer recently and had bought the following products after the beautician insisted that I should use those as my skin prob is worsening (clogged n enlarged pores, oily skin with rough texture).

1) 10x2ml Smoothing Treatment Vials (Ampoules) - $258
2) ClinicA 200ml Clarifying Cleanser - $108
3) ClinicA 100ml Exfowhite Spray (Toner) - $128

Upon purchasing these products, I started to use it on daily basis and i have used 3 ampoules so far but my face had very bad break outs (reddish) since. Is this normal for anyone here whom had used/using their products? It's written on the products that it is manufactured under licence of Revolution Cosmetics USA Inc. San Francisco CA 94103 and I'd tried to do some searching on the internet of this brand but to no avail. Could anyone pls advise/share any similar experience like mine? I'm not sure if I should stop using the product despite spending so much on it. Pls help~~~~

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Postby hillview2006 » Mon, 25 Sep 2006 3:02 pm

If I were you. I’ll visit them again for explanation and demand for refund if skin getting worse.

I too have had similar skin problem a year ago. Now I seldom visit beauty house or facial treatment and I’m very proud to go out without using any face powder or foundation (make-up) except sun protection and lipstick.

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Postby sp0tty » Sat, 30 Sep 2006 5:49 am

yes i agree with hillview, u shd ask them for a refund.

there r many inexpensive products out there in the market which work very well too.

i've seen many products that salons try to sell. the product contents r not as super as they claim to be, they r just packaged in a more sophiscated ways, nicer glass bottles n tub, vials/ ampoules. and they mark up their price very high.

i c that yr skin problem is mainly oily n clogged pores.
sometimes when we use a too rich moisturising cream for our face, our pores will get clogged. and i suppose u get many white/ black heads too? you shd address yr oil problem first before u start to treat other problem like rough texture.

1) switch to a water/gel based oil free cream.
2) dun try to wash your face too often thinking that it is oily as this will cos more oil production.
3) try using mild acid product to dissolve the dead skin n clogged pores.
4) when yr condition gets better, try exfloliate once/twic a week.

I would recommend you use Eucerin for your condition, its relatively cheap and u can get them at most pharmacy.

try its sebum reducing cleansing gel, clarifying facial toner (2% latic acid) for unclog pores, skin regulating cream.

until yr condition gets better, u can then continue using other counter brands of product.

gd luck ^^

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