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Cost of bringing our dog

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Cost of bringing our dog

Post by spaul » Sun, 17 Sep 2006 2:31 pm

Hi All,

I know that this question has been asked many times before but what is the average cost of bringing a small dog to Singapore. We have two small dogs, a shi tzu and a shi tzu/chihuahau mix and are coming from Japan. I have heard that the quarantine costs alone could be in the range of 4000 SGD. Is that really true?

I have also heard that the quarantine can be very rough on the little guys. I have heard of pets dying in quarantine because it is so stressful even though they are visited everyday. Our chihuahua has never been in a cage before so I don't know if he could handle it. We tried a few times and he went absolutely berzerk!

Please help! I don't want to leave them behind because we think we couldn't afford to bring them or that they may not survive. If anyone has any first hand information, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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Post by hillview2006 » Mon, 18 Sep 2006 10:57 am

[b]First cost to[/b] cover all these :- AGENT in Japan Fees. Get an agent from Japan to handle the dog document e.g health record , vaccination etc.. your agent should contact another agent ii Singapore to liase with all the necessary document needed by Singapore.
Second Cost: Agent in Singapore + quarantine fees;-
For more information on the agent fees and quarantine fees pls visit this website.

OH my god who tell you such story?? Sembawang quarantine centre is very pleasant place for a Short Term Stay for your dog. They don’t put them in a cage!! They have their own room, big enough for them to run and move around.

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