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Cancers and cancer therapies are selective.

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Cancers and cancer therapies are selective.

Post by tgoh » Sat, 16 Sep 2006 2:19 pm

Our bodies are complex and the self immune mechanisms can repair itself up to a certain extent.We all have diseased cells which are generally repairable by the correct balance in lifestyle and nutrients through our diet. Full blown cancer will result over a period of time when the body immune system is no longer able to operate effectively.
Hence, not all smokers and drinkers will develop full blown cancers though the risks are there.
Similarly, cancer therapies (conventional and complementary) are selective in their degress of success, i.e. if they work at all on the individual. My intention (for what it is worth) is to comment that one must understand this 'selectiveness' of both the cancer disease and cancer therapies before one 'rushes around like a headless chicken' looking for 'an instant remedy' which is often not there. Cancer therapies also rely on our body immune systems to assist the therapy/recovery.
Thus, a change in lifetstyle and diet is vital to our well being. Engaging in 'preventive heathcare' will avoid not only serious 'econoimic cancers' of your finances but also the psychological and physiological traumas of not only you but those closely associated with you (particularly your family).
I have been there (though not personally struck down with the big C, not yet and hopefully not !), so this is commented with personal experience!
Good health, like experience has to be 'acquired through time and effort' and is still not guaranteed. Do yourself and your family a favour, engage in preventive healthcare management. I believe in the simple Salvestrols concept but the choice is yours again. Free choice reigns!
Thank you for reading.
T Goh

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