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Extended Stay in Singapore?

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Extended Stay in Singapore?

Post by scarlettisis » Wed, 13 Sep 2006 1:19 am


My boyfriend is being posted to Singapore with work .. possibly for 2 years. He will be covered on visa side as office will organise it.

I plan to go with him and continue my current work (in the UK I work freelance for a conference company) - it wont have any impact on my work as I pretty much just need my laptop and an internet connection to carry on working ....

but question is the VISA .... I have looked at lots of sites and read the obvious stuff which seems to suggest I either go
- as a tourist for 30-90 days (but after that then what??? can I exit and re-enter like I can in some places like Thailand)
- as a business visa but that seems complicated and at least initially I wont need to be employed by Singapore company ....

anyone have advice?
- do you know how long I can stay as tourist?? .... if I can exit/re-enter .... etc etc??? or another suggestion


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Post by skye » Wed, 13 Sep 2006 12:57 pm

Check out the ICA site for Long Term Social Visit Pass. If you can show that you have been living together before moving here you can swear an affidavit to that effect and provide documentary proof eg mortgage, utility bills, bank statements etc and it shouldn't be a problem. LTSVP should be for the same period as your partner's EP. It does not allow you to work here but if your work is all done online and does not involve income in Singapore, I don't think you will fall foul of the rules, but take proper advice on that.

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