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Podcast, anyone?

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Podcast, anyone?

Postby perplexsheep » Thu, 07 Sep 2006 9:15 am

hey there, i am wondering how many of you owns an ipod, and download podcast on a regular basis to listen? there are tons of people creating their own blog, but how about creating your own podcast?

I am thinking of looking for a couple of interesting and funny individuals (probably 3-4 people max) and we can put together our very own podcast.

Interested individuals should be:
- reasonably IT-savvy so that we can figure out how to create the podcast, uploading, streaming, etc, you know the geeky stuff
- intelligent, funny, interesting, creative, have tons of wild and crazy ideas. IQ test and cobra fighting might be necessary to prove yourself... mildly retarded individuals are discouraged from applying, though individuals with borderline personalities are acceptable.
- able to commit at least once a fortnight for the show. of course, also some private time to plan on what to talk about (at least have some show notes, probably a couple of regular segments in the show)

the rest... i am not sure... since this is merely a initial stage of planning. once we pull things together, we can broadcast it on the forum, and even invite random individuals as guests to our show.

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