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Expat saving money ?? how ?

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Re: Saving money

Postby DimWit Kid » Mon, 25 Sep 2006 11:10 pm

gordie wrote:Expat life seems to have a surreal edge to it. Look, to save money, just live as if you would live at home.

Erm.... back home? Let me see:
- I have two maids.
- I have a driver, and two cars.
- I have gardener and security guards...

Can't afford all those here!!! :D Have to settle with one maid (never abuse her, here or at home - gordie, you must either pick the right acquaintances or stop making generalizations!), no driver, shared security guards and no garden let alone a gardener! ;)

But I do eat at home (wifey's a very good cook - love ya babe!), only drink beer/alcohols very occasionally (or when it's at company's expense - not because am cheapskate but really I don't fancy it too much!). Live in district twenty something instead of in town. Take car or train to work (depends on mood) - no taxis.

Saving roughly about 30% of my income.

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