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Post by ututu » Mon, 25 Jun 2007 11:23 pm

Bit of advise for yanks. If you have or had credit union account do keep it open and apply for credit card from the credit union. CUs ARE MUCH more reasonable than any bank ever could be. They are non-profit organizations after all (unique for financial world). I kept my CU account open and had my mailing address changed to SG w/o any issues. I continue to use online and snail mail banking with CU from SG w/o any issues. Needless to say all my cash advances or foreign currency transactions (ones that are not in SGD or USD) go onto CU credit card, there are no foreign currency surcharges (typically 3% by US and SG banks) and other stupid fees. Also would like to mention billing/interest calculation method that is very common sense w/o needing taking differential equiations to figure out WTF is being charged. So I use banks only for local transactions or things that CU won't do (outbound international wire transfer). Obviously in US banks are going apeshit over competition from CUs and lobbying hard rather to limit competion from CUs.

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