Employment questions in Singapore

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Employment questions in Singapore

Post by lonelysin » Thu, 17 Aug 2006 2:36 pm


I have a few Q's to ask regarding Singapore's employment procedure. I have been offered a job as an Engineer in one of the wafer fab in Singapore and the HR requested me to perform a pre-employment medical checkup before proceeding on to the salary negotiation and employment pass/work permit section.

1. Is this normal? Shouldn't they negotiate the salary first?

2. I've heard people mentioning Employment Pass and Work Permit. What are the difference between these two?

3. Does application for employment pass and work permit needs medical examination result?

4. What is the average salary for a 3 years experience fab engineer?

5. What other things I do not know that I should know?

My concern is once I perform the medicals and the salary negotiation broke down, I can't apply for other jobs as they are holding my medical report (FYI, you can't always do X-ray. There's a limit e.g. 6 months once).

Thanks and hope you guys can shed some ideas and comments on the above questions!


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Post by jomni » Thu, 17 Aug 2006 4:41 pm

The medical exam can come before or after salary negotiation. It depends on the company policy I think.

There are many levels of Eployment Pass / Work Permits based on the applicant's qualifications. Check the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website for details.

My employer is currently applying for my Employment Pass, and they didn't require me to take medical exams.

Hope this helps.

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