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Post by Gunncyclopedia » Wed, 26 Jul 2006 9:27 pm

During a trip to Vietnam recently I met a British guy in a bar who taught me briefly a chess game and I really enjoyed playing it. He said not many people know this game and the name should be "Spassky" or "Lasky".

I did some googling and only found the info about the legendary Russian chess champion Spassky but nothing about this game (which was probably invented by him).

If i remember correctly, the game goes like this:

Each side has a line of pieces at the bottom line. They can only move forwad diagonally and the rules resemble those of the Checkers ('draughts' as you may call it). However, once a piece reach the bottom line of it's adversary's, it's promoted to be a king. and a king can jump forward and backward. The trick thing about this game is: once you jump over a piece of your adversary, your piece will bring that piece with you; this implies that the piece under that piece will be exposed and become active again. In that sense, it's hard to finish a game within a short time slot as everything is so unpredictable.

Anybody know about this game? I find it really fascinating and would like to know more about this.

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