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Duration of spouse's LTSVP application's result

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Duration of spouse's LTSVP application's result

Post by furrycake » Fri, 21 Jul 2006 2:05 pm

Hi all
i think i'm losing my marbles soon :shock:
I'm a Singaporean and my hubby, a Canadian Chinese finally came to Sg to stay during the month of May 2006..
We've applied for his LTSVP like early June and we called ICA like twice, last Friday and even earlier today, but the officers told us that the application is still pending, i.e. no status whatever. thing is I understand that they normally take 4 - 6 weeks to notify us. after submission of so many docs, my head only grew bigger by the day.

do you guys have any ideas on why they are taking so long ? i'm getting worried :cry:

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Post by caramel » Fri, 04 Aug 2006 12:06 am

Hi Furrycake

Most likely they are studying your cpf contributions, your highest education level and your spouse's as well in very detail. I was told its really tough to get a foreign husband into Singapore compared to a foreign wife as they need assurance that the husband is able to support the wife. Also, I was told that chances are better if your foreign husband manage to secure a job before coming to Singapore permanently. Which is quite impossible.

Also, i think the higher your spouse's education level, the higher chances it is.

My bf is British and we are planning to get married. I did my research and most of them were negatives. The lady at the ICA counter told me Its a chance we have to risk. And if things didnt go well for him, he has to be sent home.

I know how you feel. They cant part 2 people whos in love right?
I really hope you get things sorted. And if you do have any advise for me after the experience, I would really appreciate it.


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