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Questions about jobseeking

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Questions about jobseeking

Postby Drylnn » Fri, 21 Jul 2006 12:19 am

Okay, there's no chance I won't be repetitive in this forum, but I'll try and come up with *some* original questions...

I'm a 28 Y.O. American who went back to school and finished a degree in Economics after working for a while in "the real world". I had worked for an investment company for 4 years prior to returning, mostly regional desks (for the State of Florida or states in the United States) and computer administrator [ the short of the story was they discovered I could do computer and network admin, and they didn't feel like paying two people, so they paid me one salary to do the job of two people ]. Officially, I didn't do sales; unofficially, I was doing as much as any Financial Services Rep. Other duties consisted of reports and such for the regional offices and higher ups. I did a lot of work across a variety of fields, but I discovered I was being passed over for promotion by people with degrees, even if the degree was something like "Theater". As I was once a smart, young lad, I decided to head back to school, but change my focus away from computers towards the financial side.

Now, I'm out of school trying to get into "the game". I've been looking overseas because there is no better way to learn about foreign economies and business other than being there IMO. My studies in school centered on China, SE Asia. I've also studied Japanese and Mandarin on my own and in classes. As such, I've narrowed my focus to Singapore, China (HK and mainland), and Japan. Japan is nearly impossible to get into without fluency in Japanese (I'm way short on that), so we'll gloss over that option for now.

Realistically, I'm looking at Singapore, HK, and China. People who I know in HK recommend coming to there first and then trying to find a position, because of the difficulty in interviewing or CV by internet. It seems like people on the boards here are suggesting that for Singapore, the opposite is true - one should apply to headhunters/recruiters and directly via companies/banks, because of the protectiveness of the Singaport government. Is this true?

I'm also wondering what to try and negotiate in terms of a "package". I realize my chances of an expat package are slim and that it would likely be small, but anything is better than nothing to help with the costs of moving.

I'm trying to leverage my extensive computer skills (at one time, I was a CS major) as a "benefit" for hiring me, but I'm scared of being funnelled into a total IT role with no chance to prove any skills on the financial side.

I suppose there are other options for coming over (getting a job with a US firm stateside and trying to transfer), and if I were younger, I would consider that as a first option. However, as an older graduate, I think my window for pulling off this window is a lot more narrow, and as such its not my preferred option.

I wondered if the rest of you had any thoughts, or tales on how you came to arrive in Singapore. I continue to read the forums and guides, but I figured direct questions were best.

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