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Post by gassy » Wed, 19 Jul 2006 4:35 pm

sundaymorningstaple wrote:
grivoise wrote:Oh yes.. another thing, I think headhunting for a corporate position is quite different from a FA/CC position?
To be honest, no. it's no difference at all except for the size of the fee we charge. Headhunters do not always look just for Senior positions like CEO's, CFO's, or whatever. We also look for engineers, or any position required by the client company as long as they are willing to pay our fees.

The airlines HR departments probably check backgrounds fairly regularly as well. If you consider the sensitive position that FA/FS's are working in it would make sense to try to get a feel of how a person reacts to stress. Even if it is in a non-glamourous job like a department store cashier/clerk. During a GSS did the girl get overwhelmed with 100's of people in a hurry to pay for their purchases. How did they react when the system goes down. How did they interact with the customers when the steaks were well done instead of medium rare? You would not find this information in a CV but your former manager may well be able to furnish that info. If you are going to freeze up in a crisis, 36000 M is not the place to do it.

There's a possibility the HR dept of airlines might check, but my observation of a certain regional airline is that the HR dept might be rather busy with many other stuff, and will not have the luxury of time to check backgrounds of like say, 20 since they recruit in batches.
In fact, during the interviews they arent focused on qns like "why did u leave", they just zoom in on customer service experience listed in ur application or resume and ask u more on that, thats all.

It might differ in different organisations, but thats my observation, basically.

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