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Working pass

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Working pass

Post by ssszeee » Mon, 17 Jul 2006 1:07 am

How many days needa waiting after body check?

Still needa waiting for the working pass and the avaliability of training class?

If passed the body check in my country, will it have a chance I may fail in getting the job due to work pass or other reason?

After body check, am I having a high chance in getting the job? Can anyone give me some assurance? I have waited almost 3 weeks after body check.

Thousands thanks

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Post by ssemaj » Mon, 17 Jul 2006 5:14 pm

There's no FIXED number of days as to when they get back to you after your medical checkup. From what i know, it should be fast within a few days you'll know if you're selected. As for the following instructions like work permit and confirmed starting date, the HR should inform you.

There could also be a few reasons you might not get the job, like failing the medical checkup in Singapore (i think you'll need to take again even if you're cleared yours in your country), work pass (but i'm not sure how the procedures go or how long it takes) and even after you sign the contract, if you didn't pass the training period, you'll not be able to fly. I understand there're numerous exams to take during the training period.

Though when you're selected for the medical checkup, you do stand a high chance of getting in -- as long as you pass it. But note that it's NOT confirmed you're selected to be a FA. And my best advice for you is to CALL the HR personally and check with them on your status. Email them as well. Frankly speaking, i see a few of you asking this same question and i feel that you all should just call and verify yourself. Understand your concerns/troubles or how nervous you might feel but will it do any good just posting questions here as compared to giving a call instead? You probably might know your answer from that phonecall.

No offences to anyone here though....but anyway good luck.

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