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Re: S pass appeal

Postby ipodnano » Wed, 08 Nov 2006 1:29 pm

You cannot get a work permit if you have a degree? I know most of the foreign nurses here are on Work Permit... and I'm pretty sure that they have nursing degrees...

I know this because a friend of mine borrowed some money from me to be used as a bond when she went overseas... Apparently, the hospital holds on to their passports and they need to pay 2 months worth of salary whenever they need to take their passports back...


sundaymorningstaple wrote:
ksl wrote:
freshink wrote:Hello guys,

Just read this thread and I am quite interested to post mine. My employer applied a work permit for me. However it got denied since I am college degree holder (english major), got a $2,500 salary and I have editorial/writing skills.

Currently, they're working on my S pass appeal. It's funny and quite frustrating since I don't know the reason behind the work permit rejection.

I'm here in the Phil, and am just waiting for my S pass result. I think, MOM must've known that I have already started work on social pass. Should've not done that...tsk tsk tsk

Anyway, I'd like to know if you guys have heard of an appeal that got approved...

However it got denied since I am college degree holder (english major), got a $2,500 salary and I have editorial/writing skills.

I don't think they would deny the EP on your qualifications, it was probably denied, because Singapore locals have priority on jobs, So you have to find an alternative method of approach to get here, and there are a few.

No, he was rejected rightly so. You cannot have a degree and get a work permit. There is only one way and that is as a domestic helper (maid). If you have a degree your WP application will always be rejected. He would have to apply for a "S" as he has indicated he is doing. An EP (Employment Pass) and a WP (Work Permit) are not the same thing. The "S" Pass is the lowest rung on the EP ladder. Having a salary of at least 2500/mo will allow an "S" Pass holder to bring in the spouse on a Dependents Pass, between 1800 (the minimum for a S Pass) and 2500 cannot get Dependent Passes.

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Postby sundaymorningstaple » Wed, 08 Nov 2006 4:04 pm

I think the operative word here is "recognized Qualifications" Without knowing how MOM looks at their Diplomas / Degrees I wouldn't be able to make guess. That would have to be taken up with MOM directly I would think. (depending on whether they been hired as nursing assistants, LPNs or RNs and the schools they came from) You may well be right.

I won't dispute your claim as I cannot find the answer in writing. I do know however, that we were told that our application for Work Permits for our Burmese Engineers were rejected because of their having degrees and advised us to re-apply using the "S" Pass, (however we have ample work permit quota) We re-applied using the "S" Passes for them and all were granted. Of course the officer who handled our inquiry could have been new or incompetent. They are, after all, only civil servants. We are also using the new 5% of WP Quota for the next batch that are enroute now.

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