my experience with 8 Docs so far....Pls read and share

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my experience with 8 Docs so far....Pls read and share

Post by Miss Q » Thu, 13 Jul 2006 6:33 pm

Dr Yeap: older, more exp?, maybe not so much updating with new techniques, his patients predom. chinese so that's the bone structure he knows best, he doesnt make eye contact, but is nice man, he doesnt give any details, unless u ask him, he charges Ridiculous consult! (150 for uninformative 15 mins) AND is crazy expensive.

Dr Seah: nice, quite conservative about PS in words but in practice, I dunno, i agree that if the nose of his nurse is his style, BE AFRAID, be very afraid, it's slightly MJ...

Dr Fok: nice guy, interactive, he palpaltes ur face (always a good sign), tell u to "play with implant", but then charges alot for it! also not so great about knowledge of facial implants esp newer technology AND A big MINUS: he cannot show pictures of his patients "unless they agree, and they haven't" COULD BE A BIG RED FLAG!... or a very protective doctor..?

Dr Khoo: v open friendly, he is the one who answered ALL my questions, and encouraged more questions (this is what doctors SHOULD do, but since they mostly dont when they do, u'r AMAZED...), he shows pics from his comp, he is not big on minimally-invasive stuff, meaning, where he can get a better view, he will prefer to cut u up in more ways than one.... this is a STRIKE AGAINST him, bc that means he cannot really be confident to do it where other surgeons may choose closed techniques or less scarring incisions... BUT on a personal level, he gets the highest score. If waiting rooms are a sign of taste, he has class.

Dr Wu: ya'll know what i think of him... the analogy of a puffed up balloon suits him fine..

Dr Huang, dunno booked for late July, but the receptionist with a tan is cocky as hell. She really is rude and feels she needs to prove something..what, i dont know... we're all here to see the Doc, not her!

Dr Chan and Dr Yeow are next. Will post more on follow up with sme of the docs, esp Khoo, Yeap and Fok if people post in reply. PLEASE SHARE!!! goodluck!!
btw, if anyone has had cheek implants, post lah! :-)

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