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Does anyone know if there's any redirect service in Taiwan?

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Does anyone know if there's any redirect service in Taiwan?

Post by Hizou » Wed, 12 Jul 2006 12:40 am

First of all, please let me apologise if I've used the wrong word. I don't really know what is that service called but I shall explain.

I've been trying desperately to look for a service similiar to vPost@USA but for Taiwan. I've noticed that there are a huge increase in the number of people shopping at Taiwan auction sites. Thus I've sent a suggestion to singpost with regards to having a vPost@Taiwan. However, that doesn't really solve my problem as I shall be going oversea at the end of the year.

We know that the postage is only worth if we purchase in bulk. As Singapore isn't that far from Taiwan, the postage doesn't different too much despite paying for small quantity/light-weight parcels in many shipments. I'm sure it will help to save alot if we can accumulate the items we've ordered from different websites and to send them altogether in one shipment. Plus some sellers are not willing to post to other countries.

Soon I shall be in Brazil and I really wish to continue shopping at Taiwan auction sites. I won't be able to afford paying the items separately and I think compared to Singapore delivery, there are definitely lesser sellers who are willing to send the items to Brazil.

I really need to find a service offered in Taiwan who can help me to receive my purchases and resend them together to Singapore/Brazil. Does anyone know of any? Thanks~
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