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Liposuction Questions

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Liposuction Questions

Postby monshah » Tue, 11 Jul 2006 10:35 am

Hello I read the other Lipo thread but I would like to ask what doctor/company do you think provides the BEST liposuction regardless of the price? If price was not an issue who would you use in Singapore?

I am a male and have quite a bit of fat, I would like to get rid of it first through diet and exercise but I know from experience that I will still have love handles and a bit of a belly and fat in my chest. How much fat/weight can liposuction remove in terms of weight or inches?

Do you get loose skin after the procedure? If so do they tighten it and is that included? How do they tighten in? I have loose skin on my abdomen from previous weight loss, would they be able to tighten that as well?

If I wanted to go all out and do a big package of lipo and skin-tightening at the best doctor/facility in Singapore, what kind of price range should I expect?

Thank you.

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