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Containers, Advice Duty

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Containers, Advice Duty

Post by Patrick777 » Mon, 10 Jul 2006 11:05 pm

I am planning on bringing all my crap in a 40 foot container when I move, 40 foot is provided by my employer. I'm probably only going to fill about 20 foot of it.

Q1) Is it worth filling the other 20foot with crap I could possibly sell in Singapore and help the moving budget? If so what can't you get what people would buy in Singapore what you can get in the UK?

Q2) If I bring all my crap, beds, tv's etc,etc could I end up paying any duty on anything and if so what do I need to think twice about bringing?

Q3) has anyone considered packing 10+ cases of wine? do you have to declare and what are the risks if you don't?

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Post by micknlea » Tue, 11 Jul 2006 12:53 am

Depending on what price you paid for the wine, and what it would cost to buy here (extremely expensive), it may be cheaper to declare and pay duty than to get rid of it. Seriously. Check it out. No way think of trying not to declare it. Not worth it, and you will lose it. Also think of the penalties.

You won't pay duty on anything that is your own furniture etc, especially if it is obviously used and not brand new (thats all they are worried about). It could cost you more to buy stuff here to replace it. Depends how long you are staying etc. As for selling things here, not so easy as you think, not really anything like garage sales, boot sales etc here, not like you are used to anyway.
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