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When will be the commencement of the employment?

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When will be the commencement of the employment?

Post by ssszeee » Thu, 29 Jun 2006 3:22 pm

I am an oversea canidate, I had gone through all round interviews, after the body check, how long i have to wait for the contract call? Isn't that I have to wait the body result together with the successfulness of the working permit regislation?

Usually after body check, how long I have to wait? We have to go through another body check in singapore, so we will sign contract in singapore after going through the further body check or sign it in prior?

How 's the commencement of the training date? when will I know? I sincerely hope boardmates could solve me enquiries. I am looking forward for that. Going through all interview process took me 2 months near already, when can I get the confirmation?All the finalist canidates still don't receive all news. Is it ususal for taking it so long?

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