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Going to Sinapore to Study at NUS

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Going to Sinapore to Study at NUS

Post by illusion2304 » Thu, 15 Jun 2006 8:39 pm

I had just got an offer to study at the National University of Singapore and have the following questions relating to the same:-

1. How is the university rated?
2. Will i get a good job after completion of my MBA from there? I already have 10 years of experience?
3. AUS $ 75 per week is o.k. for the shared room in a shared appartment amoung students or can i get a place which is cheaper? This is a off campus accomodation and about 10-15 min walking distance from the school. I would ideally prefer to live in a studio on a sharing basis with one person... how much would that cost?
4. What is the estimated cost of living for a single person with a low profile/lifestyle?
5. Can i get a part time job easily and what is the mim/average hourly rate provided?

Would appreciate a quick response


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Going to Sinapore to Study at NUS

Post by happy_magpies » Thu, 15 Jun 2006 9:46 pm

I think NUS Business School has been ranked No.7 worldwide outside the USA in a ranking of business schools' research which is dominated by American universities. Its full-time MBA and Executive MBA programs were ranked among the Top 100 and Top 30, respectively, in the world by Financial Times. I hope there is no change to that.

As for whether you are able to get a good job after graduation, I am not sure as it really depends on the industry at the time you complete your MBA etc.

How much is AUS $ 75 per week convert to Sing Dollars? Maybe can help to advise if I know this info.

As a general rule, accommodation is dearer in Singapore - but you know yourself prices in Australia vary from state to state, and from suburb to suburb. If you click on the top banner and go to this sites main page, you'll find some good real-estate search engines that might help you guage yourself whether it's cheaper or dearer to what you're used to living. If you want, I can also recommend a good property agent to you.

Food, it is cheaper - but again, this depends on your lifestyle. Some fruit isn't as cheap as what you pay back in Melbourne. Overall, I still think you'll still be saving in this area.

Transport:- Public transport is approximately the same. You'll find Singapore public transport a cheaper and more efficient system. Cars are not needed here as MRT is efficient and easy. Taxis are cheap as well, so transportation allowance is ok.

Food and Groceries are expensive in Singapore as it is flown in mostly from Australia. Alcohol as well, on average a beer will cost $10.00. A night out can cost 100-150 dollars, the thing is you don't do it all the time, so ok.

Since you have a low profile, the costs should be alright for you. Part-time job should not be too difficult to find, of course depending on what type of job. Average hourly rate I believe can range from 5-8/hr.

Hope the above info is useful for you.

hei guess what
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Post by hei guess what » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 9:54 am

3. Student Accommodation
It's possible to rent a room in a nearby HDB flat for S$250-300 per month.

4. Food on campus is very affordable as it is subsidised. ~S$5-6 per meal, including drinks and dessert.
Off-campus, see ... ving.shtml

5. Part-time Appointment Scheme for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

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Post by kaurikid » Sun, 02 Jul 2006 12:00 am

NUS has a good rep for MBA's and Singapore economy is picking up so there are more jobs for expatriates.

I would avoid the shared rooms thing if you can.
75 Aus is about 100 Sing I think, you should be able to get a room in a condo with other grad students for 400-600 a month plus power.
There are many condos on Pasir Panjang Rd which is about a 10 min walk from the Uni.
There are alot of MBA students from Europe who are studying at INSEAD the French Business School which is also near NUS.

Food is cheap if you eat on campus and there is quite a wide variety of food available.

Hope this helps :)

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