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LPR, Employment Pass or Entre Pass

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LPR, Employment Pass or Entre Pass

Post by reliable1 » Wed, 14 Jun 2006 2:05 am


I am an Internet Entrepreneur and want to move to Singapore and pursue my biz from there. I want to know my options. According to my research, it seems I have 3 options:

1) Apply for LPR : I have done an MBA and worked for 4 years(2 years with a well reputed company and 2 years on my own) - so this puts me on a good stand to get a LPR. But will it allow me to start my own business in Singapore instead of taking up a job? Any inputs?

2) Take the standard Entre Pass route. Not sure whether MOM will approve my kind of biz for an entre pass. Coz I am not setting up anything new, I just want to move my operations to Singapore. There is no capital investment or hiring of local employees involved.

3) Form a Pte Ltd company and have it apply for an Employment Pass(P or Q pass) for me. Again not sure if this is allowed.

Can you guys please shed some light into these options, or any others which I am not aware of. What is the best route for me to move to Singapore?

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If I were You

Post by scottishsteve » Fri, 16 Jun 2006 3:24 pm

OK here is another option for you.
(sorry I cannot be more specific, I know nothing of the IT field here in Sing)

If you have your own company in you home country (and its well extablished etc etc), you could look into setting up a Sales Representative office here in Singapore, by registering with Inernational Enterprise. (Link Below). They will give you a registration for a year. (WIth IE you can rent office space / telephone lines etc etc,
You are basically here working on behalf of your home company researching the market.


1. You are not allowed to engage in any trade or business activities. (i.e accept purchase orders through the singapore company)

This would then allow you to go for an employment pass.

I have done similar with my company and have had two EP's awarded with no local employees.

TO summarize, this would give you an insight toyour market in Singapore without having to set up a compnay first, (simply do al your trading through your home company). This is a short term measure, (they usuall will approve for one year only)

For this you do need to produce al your company accounts for the last two years.

Good Luck at least its something else for you to explore


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