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Salvation Army in Singapore - Not impressed

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Re: Salvation Army

Postby Taos » Wed, 14 Jun 2006 10:06 am

Ah Lau wrote:
Taos wrote:I had a neighbour who called them a few years ago to pick up some stuff. Poor girl had lost her job and had to let her apt go. She segregated all her stuff, and clearly marked what was for the SA and what was for her friend to pick up. They instead took everything and interestingly enough not one item could be found at the SA. They claimed it was all sold but they had no record of the items sold.

It was obvious that the people who picked up the items had taken the stuff for themselves so technically the stuff they were not supposed to take, was stolen. A police report was made, the police didnt care. The SA refused to compensate her for her items. She wrote to the patron of SA here, some VIP who didnt want to know and said it was SA issue. She wrote to the international offices and they gave her the runaround.

Ive been to the SA in Serangoon Road. I think they 'outsource' to someone else so if the guy feels he wont make a profit from the items, he doesnt pick it up.

So one wonders, is there justice in this world? If she had money, she could have sued them. If she was in another country someone would have taken her plight seriously but over here, who cares about anything?

What think u? or what u think?
Savation Armee is karang guni man?
Even Karang guni man will tell you what he takes and what he leave u.
Chalities are not larbish crearing house u know!!
Even the gahmen charge u money for clearing your bin. Dun believe? look your utirities bill.
Larbish costs money. Singa Pore clean clean becos people are paid to clear larbish. Even the landfill charge money for taking lolly loads of larbish. Other countries like where u come from, space is free so larbish clearing oso free.
So please dun criticise SA before u know the facts.
They good enuf to clear the 'larbish' that can help them bring money for the good chality work they do.

Ah Lau know, becos he once karang guni man :D

But neber work for SA before arh!

So this not paid advertising ok!!

Wish I could say i was amused..but im not. We are trying to have a civil discussion and we are expressing what we know from our own experience, not judgement so please refer your very clever singlish elsewhere. Its clear you are a either a singaporean going to the extreme singlish or an ang moh taking the mickey. whichever it is.. please stick with the topic and if you need an audience then find another thread here that has been set up solely for people who need attention.

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Postby Barczar » Wed, 14 Jun 2006 10:15 am

Ah Lau,

Well this is what "Think I" - You almost had a coherent sentence....Can I please direct you to the thread/post "MOE Says Native Teachers Needed!"

I was having a serious issue with this thread and was looking for some advice and help with other charities etc, so if it's all just the same I will not be using the "SAVATION ARMEE" any more as my "LARBISH CREARING HOUSE" - read the post ($1500 worth of good stuff for CHARITY!!!); I check my "UTIRITIES BILL" and realise that there may be charges for the garbage disposal (again read the thread this is goods for Charties...not GARBAGE"; Where I come from CANADA, which also happens to be the world's second largest land mass - space is NOT free and "LARBISH CREARING IS OSO NOT FREE" - so don't be scared to think about what you are righting before you post crap like this - you're not being funny...not even a little bit. As far as criticising SA - have you even read the other posts in this thread?....all of us have had some issues with them because they just don't care! We are trying to find other ways of donating our goods and unwantables for CHARITY!!!

Barczar knows because he volunteer for Chartities...Ah Lau don't know LARBISH! So this is NOT PAID ADVERTISING OK LAH?!
If you want to play with the Big Dogs you can't pee like a Puppy!

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Postby Answers? » Wed, 14 Jun 2006 10:53 am

Ah Lau - might be a good time to retire this personality and just stick with the other 3. :wink: Bad enough we have to put up with it in the beauty & airlines threads without someone pretending as well.

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