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Postby Loops » Fri, 02 Jun 2006 11:51 pm

That's not so bad then, at least he has come clean with it all. And he probably feels a bit insecure and has an image of you as being some foxy hot chick (which I am sure you are 8-) ) and he was worried about you stopping wanting to speak to him in his present appearance.

But the very fact that you are still speaking to him must be reassuring to him that you are not one of these shallow people who only go after good looks, so keep going - you never know, it could work out well for you both.

As for photos - people often don't really look much like their photos anyway. I blinkin well hope that I don't because I am the most unphotogenic person in the world.................or maybe I really do look like that.........which is very depressing :? :? :?

I definitely say meet him. You'll always regret it if you don't.

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Wind In My Hair
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Postby Wind In My Hair » Sat, 03 Jun 2006 12:04 am

Miss Swan,

you obviously want to believe in this man and meet him, so i would say go ahead but use caution as advised by the posters here. trust your instincts rather than rely on the judgments of strangers who know neither you nor him. life is full of risks and some of them are worth taking.

all the best.

Miss Swan
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Postby Miss Swan » Sat, 03 Jun 2006 9:35 am

Thanks Loops, thanks WIMH and thanks everyone for their comments!

Conversation is still going on very well between us and he has promised he will do whatever he can to make up for his sorry-ass lies.

Ha yes I'm not one to go for looks but there's some limit to what I can take. His current looks do not appeal to me in any tiny bit but as I said, he's working on himself now :) So case closed...

Would be looking forward to meeting him in a few months' time, if everything goes well... :D

Thanks again for all the wonderful advice!

Close Encounter
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Postby Close Encounter » Sat, 03 Jun 2006 5:34 pm

How well do you know him? Do you know his real name, home address, telephone number and email address? If you know these, you can easily run verification checks on him online using Google search.

If you type in his name and co. name in Google search, what info do you get? - If he is indeed the CEO (or someone important) of a well- known American co., chances are his name will be plastered all over the web.

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