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Vans/Hire, Malaysia etc

Post by newhere2 » Tue, 30 May 2006 8:52 pm

We're new to Singapore and getting completely baffled by some of the rules here with regard to van have discovered this site and thought I'd pick the brains of the more knowledgable and experienced folk on here!

My husband is bringing his off road bike from the UK in the hope of having more time to pursue his beloved moto x/enduro (living in a rental so no DIY on Sundays!) - the best (only?) tracks are in Malaysia....but how to get a bike to there??

As far as we can make out..a private person cannot own a van or anything with a G plate - tow bars and trailers are illegal - you cannot take a hire goods registered vehicle into Malaysia - lots of cannots - can anyone come up with some cans please?

Is there a way? Would really appreciate any help/advice/pointers anyone can offer.


PS I might have this under the wrong heading so hope no one minds if I also post under discussions.

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