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Waiting for repairman

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Waiting for repairman

Postby Matney » Sat, 20 May 2006 12:15 pm

Here it is Saturday, beautiful day outside. My husband has scheduled a wahing machine repairman to come. We had been told he would definitely be here by 11 a.m. so at 11 we called. Repairman returned call saying he can't come until between 1-3 this afternoon.

My husband and I both work and today is our one Saturday off together in about a month, so we turned the guy down, telling him it wasn't what had been prviously arranged. He asked for my HP so he could call and let me know when he would in our area. Did I miss something, we called him for a service and now he wants to call us when he is able to provide this service? :???:

Does anyone know of a good RELIABLE washing machine repairman? I have a Kleenmaid/Speen Queen machine which I think has a roller or pulley problem. Thanks and enjoy your Saturday, mine hasn't gotten off to a good start. :x

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Mary Hatch Bailey
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Postby Mary Hatch Bailey » Sat, 20 May 2006 8:39 pm

I find servicemen here fairly good at judging time, but Matney -- dear girl -- this is why people have maids! It's not so they can sit around the pool at the club, chain-smoking and playing mah jong -- it's becasue you can schedule all this stuff during the week and not ruin a perfectly good Saturday. At least he called, a lot will just show up 'whenever'. :x

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