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A ghost News..(with the video clip provided with the link)

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A ghost News..(with the video clip provided with the link)

Postby xkinkikidx » Fri, 12 May 2006 6:45 pm

There is an video in Ghost web site on an ‘weird recent car accident in Portugal..’ the HK radio also discussed on this video recently.. The story as follow is translated according the chinese version on the BBS.. there is an 7 mini video upload of the affair.. (original is 11 minis):

“Accident spot: an high way of Sintra , Southern Portugal
Accident Date: 29, April 2006
Type of Affair: Accident (2 guys and 1girl, all death)
Age of victims: all 19 years old
Summary: an private car broke down at the side of road, as no one pass the road, these 3 victims
has been death more than a day.

In the video,it recorded these 3 victim’s trip, and said they drove into a wrong direction.. the girl required to go back but was rejected.. so they kept going. At the last 2 minis of the clip, they met a girl on the side of road.. and stopped to ask her if they could give her a favor. The girl (ghost) told them she got loss. They invited her into the car. When she got into the car, the video screen was interfered. (The whole trip was recorded in night mode.) Then the girl suddenly told them she died in an car accident back to 1982. The 3 thought she was joking..the girl started crying.. suddenly, the girl become an horror face with glass pieces inserting in her face. These 3 victims were scared and led the car accident.

The police has been investigating this case and said it may be truth.. but they confirmed that these victims were dead in the car.

It s said that many car accidents happen at this spot before besides this one. “

My Opinion: I m not sure if the car accident is ture or just a joke! if it is true, it should be announce in Channel 5 News or Yahoo headline.. haha.. and the girl seems like having her right face with the inserted glass pieces..seems blur..and the video seems like being manipulated by computer.. and when the car broke down..they wont be so easy get injured and even die!! So easy?? I asked my French friend..he said this is an famous legend in west.. “some say she comes into the car, then screams and the car crashes; other say she just stays on the road and scares you off; others again say that she stays in your vision as you drive, which leads you to an accident etc. but it's not just in portugal
it's everywhere. some people say she's dressed in white because she died on her wedding night.”
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Postby EADG » Fri, 12 May 2006 11:49 pm

believe this is a fake, but this one is always a good laugh: ... 4690408654

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Postby Jedi » Sat, 13 May 2006 8:48 am

Looks like some film students in Portugal have just seen The Blair Witch Project. Totally fake.

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