Summer Food Allowance for Helper

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Post by Mary Hatch Bailey » Wed, 10 May 2006 2:16 pm

Cheekybeek wrote:Make one of those Advent calendars and she can open an envelope with $10 each day. If she's really that immature she might fall for it.
I will give her her regular salary, plus $15/day in cash when I leave. If she blows it, tough on her I guess. I will leave the house full of every staple item I can imagine. I will leave July salalry and food allowance in a post dated check, same for August.

This is all so ridiculous, considering she basically is down to about 10% of her duties yet making a full salary for 10 weeks. Name any job on the planet like that! If I liked her as much as I have maids past, I would do so willingly. But truth is, come February when her contract is up, she's outta here.

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