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Campaigns to fight HIV - do you take notice?

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Postby bushbride » Tue, 09 May 2006 11:52 pm

icedragon1420 wrote:
Baron Greenback wrote:Shocking story about Mr. Zuma - how idiotic can you get.

On the subject of campaigns - you have to try as without them things would be a lot worse.

Improve awareness? Not sure how, perhaps more on local tv, include AIDS stories in local soaps that sort of thing, give people the idea that it can happen to anyone, even them.

Its time like this im embarresed to be South African :cry: :oops:

but now that his rape trial is out of the way he can focus on the corruption trial how nice? :???: Back Home HIV is in your face on a daily bases 'use protection ,have only one partner,HIV kills HIV this HIV that you have to be blind deaf and plain stupid not to know about HIV.This is man that is "an example to our youth" :x I hope they get him for corruption cause that he definatly is CORRUPT.To think he would have been the next president. :evil:

Well, I'm afraid that he has etablished himself as a liar and got away with it. So, I have little faith that justice will be served in the corruption trial.

Don't take the stupidity of another on your shoulders though :wink: We all have had crap people in what ever coutry we are from.

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