REDS salon

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REDS salon

Post by young_princess » Thu, 30 Mar 2006 1:27 am

is this one good? im planning on getting highlights done.. are they good at that? or which stylist? is there only one branch? the one in ngee ann city? thanks!

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Re: REDS salon

Post by emiko08 » Wed, 19 Apr 2006 3:54 pm

young_princess wrote:is this one good? im planning on getting highlights done.. are they good at that? or which stylist? is there only one branch? the one in ngee ann city? thanks!
there are actually quite a few branches. but the one i can remember is at bugis and ps. there is one at taka also.

personally, i do not really like REDS. i think its just the "brand" of the shop. the girl who attended to my hair was horrid.

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Post by ahmeilover » Wed, 19 Apr 2006 7:56 pm

ya.. REDS sucks.. really.... i rather u go to a normal saloon tt r highly recommended by fren or wat.. cheaper n better aso[/i]

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Post by supreeya » Wed, 26 Apr 2006 12:58 pm

Been there once had to wait for 30min and when they seated me down I had to wait again for 20min... I walked out.... this was a year ago...

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Post by Scorpion » Wed, 26 Apr 2006 3:05 pm

supreeya wrote:Been there once had to wait for 30min and when they seated me down I had to wait again for 20min... I walked out.... this was a year ago...
Dare not to try it again :(
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Post by hailstonez » Sat, 29 Apr 2006 1:30 am

they mega screw up my hair when i went for rebonding there 3 years back. a big patch broke off at the root. i think they assigned an inexperienced person to work my hair as the director have to tell the lady what to do, the temp, etc. haven't been back since. not to mention that they are quite expensive.

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Post by Saint » Sat, 29 Apr 2006 10:20 am

Mrs S has used REDS and the same Stylist in Parkway Parade for years. Remember it's the Stylist that does your hair, not the salon name.

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Post by DragonLady » Fri, 16 Jun 2006 12:01 pm


Yeah i agreed that they make u wait very long-only go there when u are not in a hurry and also yes the price is a little too steep.

But u know when u really want a good hair cut but dont dare to go to any neighbourhood salon. That was my prob 6 months ago. I had long boring hair with full length fringe. So i decided to have it layered, u know those funky hair like Boa'a new hair. So i surf the net for references. Then i found ppl recomending Reds at bugis. Ppl say Kelvin or Angel so i called to book an appt with Angel but she was off so i made my appt with Kelvin instead.
I was nervous.. waited for about 5 mins (not too bad). Kelvin came and asked me what i had in mind. I told him i'm a dance instructor so i dance alot and i wanted my hair to be soft and flowy as becoz my hair is so heavy and thick, everytime i dance i have to tie-up my hair which is very boring. i wanted to be able to let my hair down when i dance ( u know like britney, beyonce, boa hehe..)
Then he gave me suggestions and also ask me if i wanted to keep my length (my hair was long to my waist) i said yeah but i'm willing to loose a few inches but not too much. Then he tell me what he's gonna do and explain why he's doin that. I even gave him a few suggestions about what i wanted and he will take into consideration but will tell me honestly if it wont work or it wont look nice on me.

So i'm very happy with Kelvin's service and of coz i love my haircut. It was $45 coz my hair was very long so i guess that the max they charge for haircut. 3 mths later i went back for trim and highlights (which i waited for like 15 mins). I love it even more now. He kept the haircut the way i like it but even better, he had my fringe shorter which at first i was very relunctant coz i never had my fringe just below my eyes! But i worked out good! I spend about $200 for the cut and 2 tones highlights. He applied a privilege card for me which entitled me to 15% discount for future visits.

Then again, i found my own fav hairstylist. I might like the way he cut my hair but to some ppl, they have diff opinion. Like some of my frens like a certain hairstylist but i dont coz he/she doesnt know what i want and i dont like his style.

So i hope my feedback helped =) If u are not a fussy customer (unlike me) u can try Kelvin from Reds Bugis (maybe try out Angel too and tell me how is it =) )

Cheers, Lua

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Post by onionheadbaby » Sun, 18 Jun 2006 3:45 pm

Hi Dragonlady, many thanks for your info. I am new here from HK, and looking for a hairstylist too. I had one in HK was really good, I am not dare to let somebody who i don't know to touch my hair.......
I am interested in the Reds Bugis you mentioned. Currently I am in curly hair and want to make it straight by ionic way (not sure how to say this in English. -P ) As I am quite new here, I am not very familiar to the places yet. Can you advise Kevin / Angela's address and tel, or website?
Many many thanks! have a nice day..........

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