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Obtaining EP and eventually PR in Singapore - Advice needed.

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Obtaining EP and eventually PR in Singapore - Advice needed.

Post by chrisso » Sun, 12 Mar 2006 12:33 pm

Hi to all and hope some of you can help with some advice or experience that you have gone through...

This is my situation. I am an EU citizen married to a Singaporean woman and have two children who are Singaporean citizens. My wife also has another child who is a Singaporean citizen and whom we plan to legally adopt. My wife does not work in terms of receiving salary - she is taking care of children at home.

We moved to Singapore about 1year+ ago and initially I applied for a LTSVP. I was given 6 months after about 4 months in Singapore. It was then renewed for another 6 months. I decided not to start working since I wanted to stay home and help my wife and enjoy the family. The LTSVP was given to me with a note to apply for work permit.

I have now have a indefinite project confirmed with a EU company (as my client). I will be operating from Singapore. So I have set up a company in Singapore where I am the shareholder and director with my wife. I will apply for an employment pass for myself - what salary do you think is reasonable to provide considering what I hope to achieve - EP first and then six months later PR.

This company will mainly provide indefinite services to a company in EU and will also look for and start business in Singapore.

Anyhow so at this stage I applied for another extension of the LTSVP (this would of been the second extension) but they only gave me 2 months saying the application will be in consideration and that they would inform the sponsor (my wife) by writing.

What do you guys think about the above...Maybe if you provide me with your email address I can email directly to you.

Another you think it helps to engage a professional consultancy company in Singapore (eg: the company that set up my company in Singapore) to apply for my employment pass or should i just do it myself.

Anyhow would be great to get your insights.



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