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Australia vs. canada

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Australia vs. canada

Post by iunnik » Wed, 01 Mar 2006 10:12 pm

Hi ,

Anyone out there who has lived in both canada and australia ? which country would you choose to live in and why ?
Thanks in advance for your replies !

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Post by MusicFever » Thu, 02 Mar 2006 11:53 am

I ever lived in Australia but not Canada. Since I am considering to move, I am comparing Australia, Canada and UK at this moment.
Australia is a quiet place, very nice environment, higher but basically acceptable living expenses. Discrimination against Asians could be obvious in some cities, known from newspaper and TV, but I myself never encountered any. My biggest concern about moving there is the heavy tax. In other words, if you earn abt AU$10,000 per month before tax, stay in Australia will be nice. However, it's not perfect for an extremely active person like me. It's a wonderful place for relax.
Canada is a quiet place too but close to America. People are generally more open-minded to Asian immigrants. It's possibly easier to get a job there comparing with Australia, but winter is damn cold in most of the cities.
If I give up UK, I may put Canada at the 1st place. Btw, what about NZ? Many Europeans moved to NZ because of the weather.
Only my opinions based on limited experiences and information, wish to hear more too..

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Post by GordonGekko » Fri, 03 Mar 2006 6:11 am

Hi iunnik,

I haven't lived in Canada either. Australia, however, is a beautiful country. People are generally friendly, but the isolation is doing its part in them being kinda suspiscious about other nationalities (not only non-Caucasians). It's a "government knows best" country with high taxes and high cost of living, but an OK country to live in.

Canada is most definetely more in the spotlight, where it's at kinda place, where exposure to immigrants is greater. The winters are, on other hand, beyond cold.
You do what you are.

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OZ by a hair

Post by gerrypat » Fri, 03 Mar 2006 9:36 pm

I'm from Canada, but lived in Austrlalia for a year. I'd say it really depends on what kind of lifestyle you are after, but for me Australia wins out. The cost of living is a bit lower and the weather wins hands down.

Canada has some incredible nature and there is a lushness about it that you can't get in OZ. The vegetation is very dry, outside the cities. It's also isolated from the rest of the world, so if you want to fly to Europe or North America you are looking at a day each way, basically.

Canada is cold, unless you choose Vancouver. And then it's wet! The weather is not the best, but if you are Singaporean you may enjoy the change.

Lots of pros and cons to both I suppose. Good luck!

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Post by egenteka » Sat, 11 Mar 2006 12:51 am

Well, I currently live in Canada and consider moving to Singapore. Like everyone else mentioned, it depends what kind of lifestyle you want.
Canadians are more open-minded than most regarding acceptance of foreigners. Exposure to many nationalities is the norm here. I am not going to say that there is no discrimination at all, but that is everywhere.
Ontario is by far the most industrialised province. The pace of life is fast and chances of finding work higher than other provinces. There is a 15% tax on everything you get (except some foodstuffs). That is on top of the tax that is being deducted from your paycheck every two weeks.
Vancouver is also fast pace but really beautiful. However, it is WET and sometimes it can be weeks before the sun comes out. I am from Greece and found it really depressing being there because of the lack of sunshine. If you are coming form Singapore, where it is sunny year round, it is likely you will not like the weather.
Halifax is the most relaxing and beautiful (nature wise) province I have been to. I love it. People are great and the lifestyle is relaxing. The only problem is that it is hard to find a job, unless you are specialised. Academia, fishing, carpentry and restaurants seem to do well here.
I have not lived in any of the other provinces and so i do not know how things are.
One thing though: It is indeed COLD here. Average temperature in winter around -5, with several days -10 and a couple 0f -40!
I have been here 10 years and still try to get used to the cold!
Hope this helps

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Post by tiki » Sat, 11 Mar 2006 10:41 am

The responses you've got pretty much sums up what I would say as well. I guess the thing is it depends on your reason/s for wanting to live in the countries you mentioned. Cos to a certain extent it does differ whether you're moving there for work or leisure ( as in settling down ) purposes.
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Post by solarv » Wed, 29 Mar 2006 2:57 am

I had been living in Canada for 5 years. I love it so much and I can't wait to go back to Canada.

I lived in Hamilton for about a year. Facts about Hamilton:
- People are super friendly
- Slow paced life
- Nice houses
- Lots of chinese restaurants
- Cold but I love it very much
- Less immigrants (less than Toronto)

I lived in Toronto for about 4 years. Facts about Toronto:
- one of the most diversed city (175+ different nationalities)
- Very few people speak english in the subway
- lots of immigrants (esp in downtown)
- most of the businesses owned by immigrants
- Nice houses and condos
- great night life
- University of Toronto is one of the best universities on earth (I graduated from there a year ago)
- Again, the people are super nice (you can make friends easily given that you are friendly)
- Well developed public transportation
- has the biggest gay parade on earth
- lots of nice restaurants around
- you could learn all kind of foreign languages here
- Cold, extremely cold (but I love it very much)
- Fast paced city
- lots of restaurants serve buffet...yummy...all you can eat
- I met my first love in Toronto (I MISS HER SO MUCH, I cant wait to see her again)
- Glad place to ride a bicycle (not in the winter)
- Cheap cellphone plan
- Cheap laptops and computers
- Yorkville has lots of Ferraris and Lambos
- Lots of supermarkets/grocery stores...very convenient
- Lots of highly educated immigrants
- Lots of rich foreign investors and businessmen
- Girls are hot (but some are bitchy)
- Lots of great coffee shops serve great coffee and great dessert...
- Friendly homeless people...
- Great pizzas...(I MISS PIZZA PIZZA, MAMAPizza so much)
- Cheap flight tickets to States
- The best Lebonese food i had in my life!!! (@ Yonge & Bloor)
- Post offices are everywhere...
- "Shoppers Drug Mart" is the best convenient store...all under one roof, including your prescription medicine.
- No Frills Grocery Store has lots of cheap tasty korean instant noodles
- The best Italiano Buffet in Toronto (Frankie tomato)
- Subway Monthly Pass with unlimited usage!!! Awesome!!!
- Lots of nice Indian Buffets
- Beautiful people are all over the place...
- Glad place to pet a puppy...
- Cheap beer...but I don't drink
- I don't have to do laundry everyday...
- To work? depends on the field...
- It's a great place to do business (strong purchasing power)
- Lots of tourists
- has the best comedy club
- Huge second hand market (great for people who likes to save money)
- Tax wise, hire a financial advisor, you will be surprised how many strategies you can use to minimize your taxes...

Conclusion: One of the best places to live

Oh man....I cant wait to go back to Canada...HELP...Bring me BACK!!!

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