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A very good Movie Editing program

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A very good Movie Editing program

Post by Solaces » Mon, 27 Feb 2006 2:16 pm


May i seek help from all of you who do video effects?

I want to be able to create effects on other clips.

Eg. I tape myself walking.
WIth the program, i want to be able to make myself walk from a forest in to a desert. (It's very much like the kind of cool effets you see on TV or the movies.)

Eg. I tape two people talking
With the program, i want to be able to make the two people talk on the same screen.

eg. I have 3 seperate pictures. One on a mouse, one a cat and one a horse.
With the program, i want to be able to make this 3 move togehter on the same background on the same scene.

Since i have an intense interest in such video editing, my budget is very flexible, but hopefully below $500.

May i seek your recommendations.

I know of many programs which allowes me to make different video transitions meaning fanciful transitions between 2 different vids. These programs dont allow me to do the effects i state above.

Thank you very much
Christoph K.M

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Post by Bremen » Mon, 27 Feb 2006 4:21 pm

Adobe Premier.
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