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The black sheep

Postby crabathor » Mon, 06 Feb 2006 12:41 am

Was watching "The Apprentice" tonight and I must admit I found it rather disappointing to find that the project manager was not given a warning on the discrimination or I guess rather the disintegration she sort of encouraged in the team.

Basically apparently there is this girl who is of an Indian descent, at least South Asian descent who had been disliked by the other team members except one (let's call her B) cause of her disappointing performance previously, let's call her A. Even though I can't tell for sure since I didn't see the show last week.
She was trying to make it up by promoting herself to be the project manager for the current task at the team's hand at that time, but the way she put it as she doesn't have the experience in marketing which is what the task was related to, she would like to take the challenge if nobody else is going to step up.
One other team member seemed to support her, which is B actually.
But then another team member stepped up (let's call her C) to suggest herself to be the project manager, claiming that she did have experience in marketing and advertising so the first girl, A didn't try to make a strong case and instead stepped down.

So then the team went to have a discussion on the mascot to create. The task is to create a mascot for a certain brand of product.
After some brainstroming, the project manager, C divided the team into 2. Interestingly, the one who were sort of left behind are A, B and another girl whom I see not to fit the profile of the other team members, let's call her D.
One other thing to note is that B at that time was still injured and so it seems she was considered not to be useful to the team at that time, and most likely was excluded also because of her support to A.

After the mascot was created, the ones who went with the project manager had a little discussion among themselves that A should be the one to wear the costume.
These 4 ladies, including the project manager went back to the first meeting room to gang-up against A to pressure her to wear the costume. She declined basically by reason that since it looks silly, she thinks it would undermine her image as a businesswoman in front of her employees and also embarrassing cause of the mascot's cartoon image.

Basically, the team lost as the logo was thought not to have enough representation of the company's brand nor the image the executives would like to project nor to cover a wide range of customers.

And so later on, when the team was called to the board room to have one member to be fired, the decision was to fire A.
The reasons that were mentioned were: that she didn't step up to promote herself to be a project manager and that she didn't make a strong case to refuse to wear the mascot's costume which was seen as her not contributing at all to the team's task.
I must admit it went quite ugly when A later mentioned about religion reason to refuse wearing the costume which she didn't mention when she was "asked" (to put it politely, I must admit I really despise this kind of attitude especially that seems to be quite common among girls, even though shockingly they are professionals who are supposed to be professional...) to wear the costume. So it was later seen by others that she lied thru her teeth to sound that her reason is strong enough. Even though it might be true, the fact that she didn't make it clear, was indeed a big mistake. Although, I suppose some people are rather uncomfortable about mentioning religion understandably, even though it is the reason for something.

But the way I see it, it doesn't seem to be the reason why the team lost.
And it seems that even later B, later agreed to fire A, and the reasons she stated were that the team wouldn't work with her in it (and implicitly I guess cause obviously the others don't like her, at least the 4 who seem to stick together and the others wouldn't want to go against them) and cause she didn't make a stronger case to be the project manager.
And I found it disappointing that the fact it was very unprofessional of the team leader/project manager nor the other 3 to do this seggregation/separation of the team which is still at the beginning of the show and to obviously gang-up agains a particular member to put her in a difficult position to be able to find her fault to get rid of her basically.
Then again, I guess especially in a working environment, this kind of injustice would not be mentioned for fear of going against the majority?

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