tips on short term sliming

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income guy

tips on short term sliming

Post by income guy » Wed, 01 Feb 2006 10:40 pm

1) saurna once a week

2) soak yourself in hot water ginger powder bath 30 min

3)suntanning once a month reduce face & body bloating

4)beer drinking once a month help burn your stomach fat

5) eat only small pack of fries during lunch

6)detoxicafication your body

7)drink 3 cup of lipton tea a day

8)drink zero milk product & eat no cheese

9)had lot of sex???? still a virgin method not test run yet!

10) fall in love fast ( you will find out that you will look better & slimer each day)

11) fallen out of love, damp by your love one or surfface from depression e.g lost appetite

12)drink hormone body simulator product or inject syntenic hormone-GNC

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