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Relocating to Singapore

Postby Recoil » Sat, 28 Jan 2006 12:10 am

I'm thinking about immigrating to Singapore. I've heard about the LPR scheme where you have to relocate to Singapore within 1/2 years and it will convert to a full PR.

I know I'm gona get killed for saying this but I'm an IT professional, I've got a 4 year degree and about 16 months experience testing financial (banking etc.) systems.

My dilema is that many IT/Financial jobs require full PR status to apply for the job in the first place.

My questions:
1) What proof do you need that you've relocated. Do you need to secure accomodation for a certain period of time? If so how much would it cost?
2) If I can't get a job in the IT/Financial Sector at first, do you think I could get anther job (any job) to tie me over while I continue to search for my desired kind of job? Is this easy?

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