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Postby Global Citizen » Fri, 27 Jan 2006 8:50 pm

Very cute SMS. Gosh I've never let it be known here but I have been addicted for a great many years and have tried unsuccessfully to quit many times; once even after 5 months and then something stressed me out and back i went to my little nicotine crutch. I'm not very proud of myself.

So you have my admiration for sticking it out SMS and you're also right about 1 thing. You've got to be ready mentally and I don't think I ever really was and darn but I actually enjoy smoking. :(
One man's meat is another's poison.

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Postby Bubbles » Fri, 27 Jan 2006 10:31 pm

Hi Global and SMS

I know SMS is on our side, he knows how hard it is. Anything that will give me a prod in the right direction is welcome. I think I said, I've even been driven to putting in the words 'Smoking, cancer, throat, mouth' into Google and then asking for Images. I have been so tempted to go down the shop and buy some, and that's the only way to stop myself. There are some gruesome pics for sure. And I know, I know, it's like being a spectre at the feast.....someone always smokes.....but for ME, it's shock tactics that work.

I am going to try very, very hard not to be one of those evangelizing non smokers. I have sworn to try to NOT mention smoking when out in a gang, socially or at work. There's nothing worse. Mind you, if someone ASKED my opinion, then I'll try to help.

It's true Global, there has to be the urge to give up. Not sure why I decided two weeks ago that this was my time. I think it was after going out to the pub the weekend before and having lots of cigs, a drink etc. When I got up the next morning my clothes stank, and I looked at myself in the mirror and said, 'Enough.' And that was it.

Now, two weeks on, I can smell someone who smokes a mile off. If they're in front of me in the queue at the shop, if they've had a ciggie, I can smell it. Horrible. And there was me thinking, if I chew gum it'll not be noticeable. Crazy isn't it? But, that's for them and I am me. I will not preach. But I really hope to God that this time I keep with the programme. Yes, I'm eating more, but I'm being kind to myself and giving it a month of being easy, then hopefully I'll be far enough away from the desperation to put a diet into place. Pointless trying to juggle two heavy loads at once.

Right, enough about that, what're you all up to? It's Friday night for you, and boring, boring Friday (have you got those files I asked for) afternoon at the office. They must think I'm working like a little trouper here, ha, bloody ha. If only they knew.

Saw a butterfly today, amazing, as it's January. Is it only me who wishes she was that creature? Fluttering by, no ringing people, no files, just whooshing by looking cute.

Sigh.........never mind, just 2 and a half hours to go.......

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas.

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Postby sundaymorningstaple » Fri, 27 Jan 2006 10:59 pm

Bubbs, GC .....

One thing I don't and won't do is preach. It is a personal thing one has to do. You cannot quit for anybody else than yourself. I sent the following to Sapphire in a PM a couple of days ago. Maybe it will help.

Got one question for you.......

Why are you quitting?

Because it the PC thing to do?
Because it is a smelly habit?
Because it is an expensive habit?
Because your husband/mother/father/kids want you to?

If you answer to any of the above is yes. Might as well light up because you are only "stopping" smoking.

Kinda like a stop sign. It's only temporary and then you will go again. You have to want to quit (not stop) for no other reason that "you" want to quit. You have to do it in your mind first. After you do that the rest is easy.

I've tried to quit before for all the above reasons, could slow down, stop for a week or two but I always wanted a ciggie.

When I quit 13 months ago I had no problems and had no withdrawal symptoms or didn't even bite the kids head off! :mrgreen: The hard part was the mental side of it. The physical side was a reaching for a pack that wasn't there (out of habit not of craving).

Hope you make it!

laid them down cold turkey and haven't looked back.

You know, it's a bit ironic that my wife has always wanted me to quit but has given up except for the odd exhortation that I should quit. That said, I only smoked in my office and not in the hall with the family out of consideration for them. When I did quit just before Xmas in '04 it was a week before anybody in the family noticed!

I did have one bad side effect when I quit thou.......

The first two months I went on a Seefood Diet. You know the one, right? If I see food I eat it! I gained 10kg in 2 months which is my new years resolution this year - get rid of the 10 kg (91 kg is a bit too heavy for my 5'7" frame!

Hang in there!


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Postby riversandlakes » Sat, 28 Jan 2006 1:34 am

Goatboy will always cherish his former goatgirl.
But the world is full of fluffier ones.

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