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LTSVP Holder SIN Tax obligations on foreign income!!!!!

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LTSVP Holder SIN Tax obligations on foreign income!!!!!

Post by greenroom » Sun, 15 Jan 2006 4:48 pm

I've searched high and low and still cannot even find the smallest amount of info on this issue!

Ok I'm a EP holder and Non Ordinary Resident (NOR). My 10yr partner (fiancée) is moving to SIN with me and will remain employed by an Australian Company and work remotely from SIN.

Now because we are not married she cannot get a Dependant Pass (DP) so our only other option is LTSVP. However we obviously would prefer to pay tax in SIN rather than AUS and for the life of me I cannot find confirmation if as a LTSVP (or even DP for that matter) she can be treated as a resident for tax purposes in SIN - i.e. pay SIN Tax rather than AUS!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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