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Postby Bubbles » Fri, 13 Jan 2006 11:53 pm

Yes, Micknlea, agree with you. It's all about how you pull the look off, isn't it? Strange though how most men prefer longer hair. Not saying everyone, but the majority do.

I feel that if you keep it long into the 50's, 60's etc then perhaps the best way is to style it into a bun, or pin it up someway, though I have to say that mid length, with layers around the front, and perhaps a soft fringe (bangs) is very flattering for older ladies. Much more so than the very short, perhaps permed, look they tend to wear.

Think.....Helen Mirren, great hair, Susan Sarandon, again long but good, Michele Phieifer, now 48 but still gorgeous with long hair....Madonna, 46, still looks cool.....but I agree, Jerry Hall, too much of it, too long. She could still keep it longish, but still chop off about 24ins.

Not sure why men like it.

Absolutely agree with when guys start losing hair. It's such a shame when they go for squiffy big 'do's' and don't just shave it short and be damned with it. Something really macho about a guy who can do that and bald is a great look too, well, I think so.

As for wearing all black, yep, agree again. We lose colour in our faces as we age, from about 40 onwards, and colour is best near the face. (Thankyou Trinny and Susannah)....but they're right, it does reflect dark shadows, veins, bags etc.

I have been studying Anatomy and Physiology this last year and one of the topics was on ageing....cell and tissue ageing in fact....but you should have read the list of what gets knackered as you get much so that when I had to write an essay on it for homework I had to put in brackets, in pencil, at the end......'Shall I just jump off Beachy Head now and be done with it Claire?'...............She did laugh and didn't take marks off, thank goodness........

I mean, from about 30 onwards, biologically it's all downhill......and from 35, forget it!!!! Seriously, ageing starts early, cells not working flat out etc.....and we can expect, no particular order.....thinning skin, porous bones, dry hair, age spots, loose teeth, hair loss, decreased fertility, hearing, sight loss, loss of collagen, i.e. wrinkles, less quick response to germ and disease fighting, and goodness knows what other goodies.....

SO I SAY................

Let's party now, and sod it, and wear your hair long, and your skirts short (no, not you boys) and have a drink, and do all that stuff.......and not care a gnat's nosh about what they think of us......

Revised my opinion of Jerry go girl......

Ha ha, sorry, it is Friday....Bubbs.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas.

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