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Two schools to choose from.

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Australian International School
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Two schools to choose from.

Postby marky » Wed, 11 Jan 2006 5:00 pm

Hello again,

Our move now is very close. I arrive at start of Feb and my family arive in March. We are finalising schooling and have been impressed by The Overseas Family School and The Australian International School. We are an Australian family but do not necessarily want to come to Singapore and then reimerse ourselves in Australiana and this could be very likely if we choose the Australian School. On the positive side though we do prefer to live away from the doorstep of work, (Orchard) and it would seem we will get more bang for our rental dollar out that way. Also the school campus is very new. The Overseas family school offers a much greater range of nationalities and would possibly give us a more broad experience and exposure to a cultural experience. However the campus is old and condominum prices are going to be higher.

Can anybody tender any further things about either school that might provide us better insight to which choice is the better. The OZ school requires a non-returnable registration fee of $1500 per student (2 for us) so once we make the decision to list here, then there is n turning back.

As a last minute thought should we consider Chatsworth?

Will appreciate all your feedback.

Thanks, MARKY

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Postby k1w1 » Fri, 13 Jan 2006 10:57 pm

I really think you need to visit the schools and try and make a decision based on the visit. You will no doubt see/feel things that will sway you when you are in the school that you hadn't considered. There are pro's and con's for keeping your kids in home-based curricula or schooling environments (20% of kids at the Aussie school are not Aussies or Kiwi's), and of course, merits for international places too. You will find parents who are happy with every school, and parents who aren't.

There is a new school (just to add a bit more to your pile) called Avondale Grammar which is based on the NSW curriculum. It opens in March 2006.

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Postby aussiemum » Mon, 20 Feb 2006 8:55 pm

I just visited the aust and overseas family school , we are from aust, but moving from hong kong to sg in may o6 .

I like the overseas family school , older but a warm feel and better system, than the aust school. was told by our location guide the level of education was higher than the aust school.

Good family school, closer to the central cbd area and shopping (orchard rd). aust school is to far in peak hour .


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