Goth clothing

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Goth clothing

Post by fearmill » Tue, 03 Jan 2006 7:26 pm

im a teenager that has been listening to heavy metal for a long time and have a heart for being a goth thing is that there is hardly any one here who is a goth,now most of my life i've been shopping at flash and splash,flash imp,billabong etc now i've been planing for some time now to wear black lipstick,put eye liner and paint my finger nails black thing is im gonna look stupid wearing a shirt from quiksilver and 3quaters fromflesh imp with that kinda make up on.So for any goths out there in singapore or people who own shops who sell stuff like boots,arm warmers,spike gloves etc do email me at u think this boy is pretty nuts walking down orchard road in blacklip stick and eye liner well im not and i have the guts to do i been trying and looking all over singapore for some goth cloths but i cant find em my mom says its probably coz theres very few people in singapore thats why there arnt many or no shops at all that sell this kinda cloths.So far the only way i see it is to order cloths through the US but thats kinda impossible for a teen seeing i dont have a credit card and my parents hardly ever lets me order anything of the net so if any one had any info on where to buy etc plz do email me,im also keen on meeting other goths in Singapore if theres any... :D

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