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nice to meet u gals here....

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flight cat
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nice to meet u gals here....

Post by flight cat » Mon, 26 Dec 2005 2:49 am

hi :D

i am new here in this forum, last time i was active in chat forum and one singapore gal intro me to join lucky i am..thank you singapore gal..

l am from malaysia, as like u all i am another gal who share the same dream with u all~~to become a FA..

i attended MAS interview before, reached the final round, kicked out from there as a malaysian but sorry to tell i prefer SIA most somehow..(mayb i am a malaysian-born-chinese) :wink:

i heard many kinds of stories abt SIA interview which makes me hold my step..1st, my english is not good enough,2nd my highest qualification is just SPM ( a complusory goverment exam for all gratuading student in M'sia) ..i knew this must be a stupid and funny Q but do u gals think that i should apply??i reckon that if i do apply, it is sort of wasting time to let the interviewers viewing my resume, trashing my resume and zero to me.
If i keep trying, then the story will repeat n repeat...end with same results come to me..

i am sorry if im writing too long..just need some space to spread out my dissapointment..

god bless to everyone who applying for any airlines and good luck to everyone who managed or done to their own dream with faith.
fly high

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