Buying Furniture in Singapore

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Buying Furniture in Singapore

Post by davidlee » Wed, 14 Dec 2005 6:16 pm

My wife and I recently moved apartments in Singapore and thought we'd share our furniture buying experience. We were looking for more of a modern/contemporary look and ended up having a lot of pieces custom made. Two stores that I'd recommend are Summit House and Eco-Id (both at the Furniture Mall). One store where we had an horrid experience was Moss Living (11 Keng Cheow St, #01-02/03/04, Riverside Piazza). Saw their ad in an older Expat Living magazine.

The most important piece that we ordered from Moss Living ended up being delayed by around 3 months and when it finally arrived it didn't match up to what was agreed. And throughout the whole delay, Moss Living kept on telling us that it wasn't their fault and that it would be just a bit longer. I am still trying to sort this mess all out.

I would never buy anything from them again, and I would never recommend them. In my opinion, there are too many other furniture stores out there to waste your time on this one. But Summit House and Eco-Id were overall quite good with Eco-Id being the better one of the two in my view.

Any other good recommendations or places to avoid?

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Post by Boon » Fri, 13 Jan 2006 6:06 pm

check out ... they have quite resourceful forum there on home n deco...

according to the forum, two shops to avoid, Wah heng (IMM) & Ritz Rymen

hope it help

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Post by greensofa » Mon, 16 Jan 2006 1:32 am

Best prices in Singapore for teak furniture - a local's secret is HELPING HANDS at macpherson - far away from teh glitter of river valley, holland v and alexandra where expats get whooped over the head with outrageous pricing

The place is somewhere near Upper serangoon Mall and located in an old bungalow - great friendly staff, a beautiful dog and best of all - fab prices

They sell Grade B (larger pieces) & C teak(smaller pieces) imported directly from Indonesia The prices are low cos its part of a rehab centre and costs are implicitly lower labor charges!!! The guys are a well trained bunch and friendly taking great pride in their work

Recently I got a 4 door teak wrdrobe at Helping Hands for less than SGD300 than another place with similar grade b teak wood and no real other differences / their backless chair was 75SGD less!!!!! and the mirrors are a steal - am still trying to bargain it down tho!!!

I thot the range at Helping Hands was comprehensive, budget unbeatable and service prompt and helpful . They deliver for free and no charge for changing colours of furniture or adding a few shelves

Ask for Ranjit - very patient and seems honest abt what can and can not be done.Also they allow bargaining in a friendly spirit if oyu pick up regular priced items - esp if there are two or more pieces involved

For newbies - Not all teak is the same, notice how some crack and pull at the hinges faster than others - i learnt the hard way,.....

Avoid - Wahardiya !!

Only other place that could compare in some respect is TeakLand - but only for Chairs - all their other furniture was too expensive and can be found at Helping HAnds.

FABRIC SOFA _ Average lifestyle
Casa Italy also in Macpherson area - abt 6 mins from Helping HAnds and 2 mins from Teak Land - its got good range for average livingstyles - under 1500SGD but admittedly the cushion content is only foam and the springs are less than compact

Good compact spring sofas - Manhattan - somewhere near rivervalley but not sure now how you get there - the fabric and bounce is great - but i suspect they stinged on the frame - but 1500SGD for a great fluffed cushion seat on spring and foam 3-seater - is not a bad deal

eer - dont know

Avoid !!! IKEA and NOVENA
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