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about relenza

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about relenza

Post by styris » Sun, 11 Dec 2005 9:44 pm

The Relenza drug which is one of the choices for combating the influenza like conditions have reportedly caused devastating consequences in persons who were already suffering from some sort of respiratory ailments and if my knowledge does not betray me then I think that it can also be held responsible for inflicting fatal consequences. So I fail to understand what makes the said drug still the most idealistic choice in patients suffering from such influenza conditions.
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Post by piggy » Tue, 13 Dec 2005 3:43 am


I agreed with you. My husband told me many other bad side effect of this drug too.

I think the better way is to build up our own immuse system rather than taking all this stuff that might lead to other illness.

Thanks for sharing.

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Post by patson » Tue, 13 Dec 2005 6:43 pm

Well, the incidents of death or the severe consequences although are true but then it is not the most prudent act to adjudge a drug by such isolated incidents and thus drawing an ultimate conclusion regarding the effectiveness and the worthiness of the drug. Yes the manufacturers might have overlooked this particular point but at present all the Relenza drugs have been made available containing the warning label of the drug being hazardous to such people who are predisposed with some chronic respiratory illnesses. The tamiflu drug is still more popular. But how can the other fact be overlooked that the influenza disease itself has the potential of mass destruction and the Relenza drug has effectively countered the situation and as some of the statistics reveal more than a whopping 40,000 people are affected in the US alone due to the influenza disease. Further there is a dearth of evidence whether the Relenza drug alone can be held responsible for the deaths that are being reported. So unless there is a solid proof I do not think there is any reason to disregard the said drug’s usage.
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