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Indifference to global warming...

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Postby Strong Eagle » Thu, 12 Jan 2006 11:22 am

Global warming is a reality, and yes, the current crop of US government leaders are a bunch of moronic nincomcoops but it really isn't all gloom and doom, and it will take more than the US to make it work.

First, there is lots of energy and lots of energy alternatives... it will just cost more... something that will be absorbed into the economy, just as the cost of the horseless carriage created higher transportation costs that were too, absorbed into the economy.

Second, the US may be the largest contributor to greenhouse emissions but facts can be interesting things. China is the second largest emitter of carbon dioxide after the US, and its economy is just now starting to grow. It will easily become the largest polluter by a factor of three or more within a decade or two. And, China uses 3 times as much energy per unit of GDP as the US and 9 times as much energy per unit of GDP as Japan... this too, must be taken into account.

The US is responsible for about 24 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, Europe about another 25 percent, Asia about 25 percent, and the rest of the world about 25 percent. While the US contribution comes from automobiles and industry, Asia's contribution (and the rest of the undeveloped world) comes from burning coal and trees for fuel).

Insurance companies will soon be at the head of the fight to control global warming... they have the most to lose. Except for the dunderheads in Washington, the US could be poised to regain its technological edge in the world by creating the necessary "green" technology to remove dependence on fossil fuels all over the world, not just the US. In addition to helping the climate, this would greatly reduce the world being held as oil hostages by some of the worst tyrannies in the world... Saudi Arabia, for example.

Extreme organizations that demand all sorts of immediate cuts just don't get it... there will be disruptions as the energy economy changes, and they need to be implemented in a way to minimize economic damage or nothing will ever get done.

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