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Should be to Samantha...

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Should be to Samantha...

Postby Bubbles » Thu, 08 Dec 2005 5:41 pm

Sorry Sam, this should be in answer to chat we were having earlier...and should be on the 'customer service' thread......only I must have pressed 'new topic'....doh.

Thank God for that Samantha, cos you could turn out to be like me if you don't. lol.

Not into all things school at the moment, so was unaware of what GP was.

What sort of things do they study then? Doesn't 'General' get covered by all the other subjects, such as maths, English, history, IT, languages?

Tell me honestly cos I'm at a loss to think what exactly would be in General Studies.

Seems like a 'Know a little about a lot' subject, but of course, I could be totally wrong here and it will turn out to be an essential part of academic life.

PS....Take it from a girl who was a right old swot and spent most of her teens and twenties with her nose in a book or sat at exam tables......make sure you also find time to have a social life which has nothing whatsoever to do with school or uni. You'll find you come out the other end of your studies about five years younger in attitude and advantage to all your's always good to have a part time job, or to do some unpaid work with older or different crowds. Also, studying only will not get you the job you want, and nowadays employers, especially here in the UK, tend to favour the young person whose CV includes travel, work or diversity other than simply in the academic world.

Seems like we can't win, we're told, 'Study hard' then when we do we get to the work world and they say 'Is that all you've done, just study, where is your sense of adventure, where is the proof you can cut it in the 'real' world?' Ah well, that's life for you.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas.

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Postby samantha » Fri, 09 Dec 2005 8:57 am

Ok. General Paper is somewhat like an english test paper. But the topic can be anything under the sun. They could ask you stuff like "What is your stand on capital punishment" or how much do you agree with the statement "Ruthlessness is necessary to survive", etc.. Basically, its asking for your opinion and how are you going to back it. :P :P

My social life is limited to LAN gaming, movie watching and soccer ( I hate shopping..) with friends. It may be lesser than most people, but it is sufficient for me... :wink:

My sense of adventure would be doing everything that could positively endanger my life... :twisted:
I'm so stupid that I surprise myself sometimes...

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