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Buying a Family Sedan

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Buying a Family Sedan

Postby matrixcorp » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 3:13 pm

Having spent a few months searching around various dealerships in Singapore, I have come to the conclusion that there is something to be said for customer service. Unfortunately, my expat budget did not allow for the shiny new BMW, so was left to choose from a few midprice options...Here are my general impressions:

Mitsubishi - points for lower prices, relative to competing models, but wasn't a fan of the finish inside the Galant. Also difficult to get a near term date on delivery of the car I wanted. Had 2 co-workers recently buy Mitsubishi (Lancer and Colt) and both had to go to Jurong to take delivery of their cars (rather than at dealership) and - upon arrival - were missing accessories that will take 1-2 more months to arrive. Salespeople were pushy and made follow up calls to me as late as 10 pm at night.

Toyota - adjacent to Lexus...wished I could have bought an RX300 as that's what I used to drive at home. Unfortunately cannot stomach paying 3 times the price and having to take a 10 yr loan. Good customer service but was not excited by their models and did not want to drive something that 1/4 of people in Singapore have as well....was amazed they have close to 25% market share!

Honda - ended up picking a new Accord 2.0 for just under $90k. apart from being a good ride - and better styling than the Camry - what i liked about the experience was that the car would be ready in about 4 weeks...the finance package which i was going to take anyways got me a few free upgrades and the saleswoman (apart from being pretty damn cute ;-) was more truthful and service oriented compared to the typical Singapore lot. even told me to delay the sale for a couple of weeks to take advantage of an expected lower COE at the time. her name is joanne chua in case you want to look for her (email me at if you are interested in her number).

Various "dealer/importers" - will tell you they sell multiple brands and often offer to "overstate" trade in values to give you cash back (which is illegal). Then turnaround and order the new car directly from the dealer, causing you to pay a higher price. Not bad option if you are considering a used car, as they get some good trade-ins, but dodgy for anything new. Biggest warning is that parallel importers often bring in outside countries' domestic models, rather than the export models sold direct by authorized dealers in Singapore....thus, warranty terms are often very different and parts for repair can be harder to find / much more expensive....generally not worth the supposed advantages.

Anyways, just wanted to share my experience....

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